BMW of Sterling

BMW of Sterling

BMW of Sterling Service Department Bijan Hosseini Excessively Overpriced, Untrustworthy, Non-Responsive Sterling Virginia!!. Terrible Service for numerous reasons.1.. Extremely Overpriced – I had 8 items suggested for repair on my 2017 328xi. The average overcharge was 93% vs. Major Parts Supplier for OEM BMW Parts. That is a part available for $100, will be $193 at Sterling BMW 2. Untrustworthy- Failed inspection for a loose belt, which they indicated would cost $692 to repair. First, not required for VA State Inspection, second, the belt was not even slightly loose (another mechanic indicated any tighter would cause damage) Also highly recommended over $1000 of unnecessary repairs at inflated pricing including complete coolant system flush (had one done 3 months ago), complete fuel injector system cleaning (had one done 6 months ago) 3. Totally UnResponsive – Tried calling service tech 30 minutes after dropping off car to indicate a change in service needed, left message with no response. Called a second time, again no response. Finally, called AND emailed both the business AND the service techs personal email, and no response.

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