Boat N RV Superstore

Boat N RV Superstore

Boat N RV Superstore COMPLETELY SHAFTED Rockwood Tennessee!!. I purchased a brand new boat and a used motorcycle from BoatNRV, located near Knoxville, TN. I have have multiple issues with this company. 2017 American Iron Horse Texas Chopper The big issue relates to the premise that they sold me a 2017 American Iron Horse Texas Chopper. As I began to fix the bike, I provided an Iron Horse parts dealer the vin number of the bike, so that he could assess some of the parts that I might need to make the bike rideable. He immediately told me that I did not have an American Iron Horse Motorcycle, and that they stopped production in 2009, in addition, the VIN does not match any Iron Horse motorcycle. He further asked me to send some pictures … He quickly identified a number of parts that were American Iron Horse, but none that he could see were 2010. In fact, most of what he identified were from 2002 to 2005. I notified BoatNRV … They seemed surprised … They claimed they would get their corporate attorney involved to track origin. After quizzing them a couple of times, they told me the title read 2017 Custom Chopper. This is completely different that what the invoice provided identified. As it sits, I will have about $13,000 into when I am completed with repairs. However, the bike they sold me via invoice does not match the title. I have called them numerous times to discuss the issue, they will not return my call. This feels like case of potential fraud. I was sold a motorcycle that was identified in my invoice as a 2017 Amercian Iron Horse Texas Chopper, of which the bike is not !!! 2019 Razor Boat Keep in mind, I drove 4 hours to purchase this NEW boat. 2 weeks later, I drove another 4 hours back to pick it up. I hung around the shop for 10 hrs, because they aparently damaged the boat while getting it ready for my pcik up. This should have been my first sign. On the day of pick up, the technician claimed he had it in the water the day before running pre-pick up tests. He claimed the boat was doing 50 Mph trimmed up. Since I picked the boat up, the boat has never seen 50 Mph, but barely tops 40 Mph. In May 2017, after sitting for the winter, I prepared the boat for summer use. As I went to put the boat in the water, the trim wold not work. I took it to a local dealer and this is what they found out: We began questioning the steering system of the boat. Researched the Uflex Hydraulic cylinder and the wrong cylinder is installed on this boat and engine combination. It has a UC128OBF-1 (straight arm)(see picture of cylinder sticker). It should have a UC128OBF-2 (off set arm) All Evinrude engines should have the UC128OBF-2 cylinder according to the application chart. If the steering tiller bolt had not broken the trim limit and made it impossible to use the boat; it is very possible the there could have been an accident due to loss of steeering ability. In essence, Boat N RV improperly installed the sterring system on the boat which created multiple issues. I have spoken to my salesman at BoatNRV regarding this issue and he assured me that a manager would call me. I have aver 20 calls into management over the past year regarding the non-stop issues with this boat, why would I expect that they would own up to this issue. True to form, I have not received a call back. This repair cost me $1,400, not to mention a month out of the water. Note: Half way though this collective nightmare, I did have one GM communicate with me. I still have the email. He notified me that he left Boat N RV because he could no longer deal with the shady activities on the company and that he was very sorry for the challenges that I have experienced. RECOMMENDATION …. NEVER PURCHASE FROM BOAT N RV. If there is an attorney out there willing to pick up this case, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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