Bob Mcelreath

Bob Mcelreath

Bob Mcelreath Pick a Pony, Build a Bandit, Pontiac Pros, Discount Classic Auto Restoration, Common Man Classic Hot Rods. Known e-bay aliases eck0211, turtlevhare, winstoncup2watch, restoguru7881, 65classicrods a Bob is at it again. He’s posing as Joe and using his 65classicrods to swindle more victims Black Mountain & Fairview, North Carolina!!. Bob Mcelreath is a conniving piece of dirt. He’s at it again swindling more victims. He’s selling “his collection” of vehicles. That should be translated to stripping victims’ cars that unknowingly sent their vehicles to him to be worked on. They didn’t know that the only thing being worked on was how to strip the vehicle of anything worth while and then claiming that he misplaced pieces when months or years passed with nothing to show for tens of thousands of dollars. He’s currently using his Joe alias and his 65classicrods ebay account. He’s reselling a Pontiac : GTO 2 door 1967 GTO Convertible Restored for No Reserve that he had claimed for the longest time to have sold to a “professional athlete turned sports announcer.” Now, that car is back on e-bay. How did that happen? Look at the description of the car. Bob (or Joe) claims the car as part of his collection. Look at the pictures. They are identical to the pictures featured on a Build-a-Bandit dot com site (look at the “Other Build” tab and GTO Build). Identical. Not close. Look at the seat belt pictures. How likely are 2 different pictures going to have the seat belts in the exact same positions? Did Bob become this professional athlete turned sports announcer? How did he get the car back? He never sold the car to a sports announcer. It was all a lie. Just another lie in his long, long line of lies. That car is up to $24,100. I hope that potential buyers will understand that the seller is not honest. I hope that if they still go through with bidding they will not wire over any money. I hope that they will take the time to visit Bob’s shop and inspect the car thoroughly. Bob has failed to put screws back on motors. He’s hidden rust. His paint jobs are great from far away. They have dirt or fingerprints in them up close. He cuts every corner he can. He even resells cars that he has no title to – or sells cars using the duplicate VIN as other cars he’s sold before – either way, it’s bad. He is up to over 40 victims that he currently owes cars or money to. I am one of them. He stole $13,000 from me. My husband paid for a car in full and died 3 days later. I have had 2 contracts, 2 policies, and countless promises to be repaid in full. All the deadlines are well over 4 months old. I was owed the money 227 days ago today. Bob has lied to me and about me. If any potential customer is considering giving him money up front ask yourself – “If he is willing to lie about and steal from a widow and her children, what chance would I have that he’d be fair with me?” Ask my 40+ fellow victims – he will never be fair with anyone.

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