Bob Moore Infiniti

Bob Moore Infiniti

Bob Moore Infiniti James(finance) AJ( salesman) RUDE; and MINIPULATIVE Oklahoma City Oklahoma!!. AJ was great at first. However when advised that I had a pre-approval through my bank they still ran me through several of their banks (cause we all know they get kickbacks). During week two of me having the car and them still not contacting my bank I went to my bank and spoke with a loan officer. The loan officer advised me of the amount they would pay for the vehicle. I contacted both AJ and James and advised them of this. Both advised me that Bob Moore would not take a penny less for the vehicle. I even tried to negotiate and say I will pay money down bringing the amount closer to the asking price. I was also told NO to this by the GM. The GM advised that he could take the car back and get its full value on it through an auction. I wondered why they had not done this initially since the vehicle had sat on the lot for over 66 days prior to me looking at it. However, it was not until then that James contacted my bank and ran my credit again to request the full amount because we know if they go back door they can ask for 110% of the car value for the loan. When I asked him about running my credit again he told a lie and said it had not been done however I was aware it had because I get the alerts on my phone. I was then told I was approved for the vehicle through my bank and that the payment would be higher. I will also say on the day I left the dealership the first time with the vehicle I signed paperwork which included a different payment amount and interest rate then what was provided to me later (spot delivery).I was trying to work with them and the paperwork I signed was with another bank because James felt he could get it approved through them at a lower interest rate. I also advised James that with the year of the vehicle a bank would not go out an extended period of time. I had text AJ over the weekend asking about what was the status of things and he advised that everything was good. On the date that I returned the vehicle I notified James and AJ neither party responded immediately however James did after several hours via text. I also left items in the trunk and when asked about them it was not until my second message that I received acknowledgement that the messages were received. James at this time pretended to not even know I existed or who I was. I feel this was immature and unprofessional. While I may not have purchased form you today this does not mean I may not in the future or that I could not refer people. I have dealt with various Bob Moore companies and I have to say for a upscale business like Infiniti the two men I dealt with were poor quality of workers. They appeared to should have worked on a lower end or scale car company and did some unprofessional things. In regards to the items I left in the vehicle AJ advised they had been trashed but later stated they would be with the receptionist. I think he did this out of malice as if they deal not working was my fault and not the unwillingness of a company to go down $1000.00. I am still receiving notices from banks that James tried to get lower rates from. The most recent was one that wanted to counter offer on the vehicle undenounced to me however it was still $1000.00 less just like my preapproved bank was offering. FYI When I say preapproved it was for the vehicle amount to the backend purchases and it would have allowed me to take them a check and be done with the sale.

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