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Starting around October 2015, I took my van in to have it serviced, and to check the front end. I was told the tie rod ends were worn and needed replaced, and the radiator need flushed, the brake fluid needed flushed, and the transmission needed flushed. All together it was over $900. I took my van in for oil change & serviced in February, & was told to come back and they wanted to show me something. They said the power steering pump was leaking and need replaced, also the water pump was leaking and needed replaced, the rear end was leaking and dirt was getting into the oil and would damage the gears, if not cleaned & fixed. After getting all this fixed, it was still leaking and they said they couldn’t find any thing, I took it back in and they said the tube to the radiator, was bad at the fitting, they cut it and refastened it. It was still leaking on the garage floor. they had me to bring it back and kept it and put pressure on it over night, and said it was the lower intake manifold gasket leaking. It was going to cost over $800. I took it to Bob Pointers at Seymour, they in N.V. had left the radiator cap just laying on the hole, & fluid was all over the engine & battery etc. when we got to Bob’s. I had them check it, they said it was the radiator leaking. They are going to replace the radiator, and check it out. They told me in N.V. I had the on going leaks, and I told them they should have caught the leaks when they flushed the radiator, & etc. They charged me $2070. and some cents to replace the pumps, and fix the rear end, and still I had leaks. I think I was unjustly charged for work I didn’t need to have done, and are dollaring me to death. I was told ( at Bob Pointers Chevrolet) I did have problems with my rear end (the vans) and it would cost me $1700. to fix it if it wasn’t the case having problems too. I’d complained about having loud road noise after they in N.Vernon repaired it. I would think they should have checked it better after flushing & repairing etc. better. I have it serviced there all the time too.

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