Bobs gmc of milford

Bobs gmc of milford

Bobs gmc of milford sold me the wrong suv, and had to end up buying an more expensive one Milford Connecticut!!. In 1-2015, I was supposed to be buying a used awd 2018 gmc terrain, after all the paper work and down payments done. I drive off. Before going and during the test drive i kept asking the sales man how does the awd work, my previous 4wd vehicles you had to turn a knob or push the button for 4wd, i didnt see or notice anything for the awd, he assured me i didnt have to do anything, its automatic. So after having it for about a week, i noticed it didnt have the awd no where on the car, so i grabbed the car manual (the quick guide, because the actual manual was missing) and no where in there was anything about awd. Im from ct so winters here can be really nasty, so i need awd or 4wd, im in the healthcare field, so for the most part i have to go to work in a blizzard. I called them, and they pretend they didnt know what i was talking about, they couldnt remember the vehicle that i just bought from them a week prior, so i ran the vin and found out it wasnt an awd. They told me to come down so they can see this vehicle they magically forgot to tell if its awd or not. Now i get there, when i walk through the door they immediately apologized and told me my sales man was new and has been fired. Now heres the catch they dont have no other vehicle in my price range. All are more per monthly payments. I had to end up paying $200.00 more per month to get a 2018 gmc acadia, they already had my vehicle that i traded in and i dont know what they had already done to it. I needed my car asap, i couldnt have been without a car for no amount of time. They screwed me big time, they told me to come back after a year and refinance the car, well a year later and nobody will touch the d**n thing. They told me if the capital one finance co ask tell them i make $2000 more than what i actually make, they never asked so i didnt have to lie to them, but bobs of milford did. if i wasnt in the situation i was in i would have cancelled the whole deal and went else where,but you do dumb things when your back is against the wall. I will never recommend them to anybody.

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