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Bocker Auto Group, Bocker Chevrolet, Bocker Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, The Bocker Group Dishonest sub-par repair rervice and rude customer service – Freeport Illinois!!. My 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier was last serviced on 06/16/14. At that time I discussed with Brad Leverton and Robert Robb regarding the repair to my exhaust system that was installed in January of 2012. I was advised that Bocker would look at my failing and rusting 2 year old exhaust system and warranty out the parts that were in disrepair. I felt that was unacceptable that my whole exhaust system was already needing replacement after only two years. I was originally quoted with a repair price for the labor totaling somewhere around $150.00. I felt that I should not have to pay for any of the labor or the parts as the exhaust system fail prematurely. Service manager Robert Robb went on a long, elaborate story about how my driving habits caused it to rust out, basically refusing to just accept the fact that the parts put on were sub-par. It was then agreed upon by myself and Robert Robb that Bocker would pay for half of the labor for the repair. My total for that service bill was $64.61. Fast forward to 07/21/14 and I found a rattling in my exhaust system. I was advised by a reputable mechanic at Auto Repair Specialists that my exhaust heat shield/cover was loose. I proceeded to take the vehicle back to Bocker. Wayne McCarthy was my service adviser at this time. I was called back on 07/22/14 and advised that the heat shield was rusted through and that it was removed to get rid of the rattling. Here is where more problems start. I was previously advised that all exhaust parts in disrepair would be replaced on 06/16/14. This obviously was not done. Wayne advised that the catalytic converter would need to be replaced. How is this possible? The exhaust system is just over two years old. What brand/type of sub par parts were originally put on this car in January of 2012? Why was the catalytic converter skipped over on 06/16/14 service? Why is Bocker refusing to own up that they tried to just get by with replacing the muffler only on 06/16/14? Wayne advised that the converter would be replaced free of charge, but that I was responsible for the labor totaling somewhere around $100.00. This does not line up with what was agreed upon by Robert Robb on 06/16/14. This part did not all of a sudden fail in a month. The catalytic converter obviously needed replacement on 06/16/14, but that was not done. This is completely unacceptable service and as a customer I deserve better. Wayne McCarthy wanted to completely disassociate himself with the situation and provided little to no help. All the while, providing rude and unkind answers and service. It is time that this specific associate is worked with to improve his demeanor towards customers, moved to a different department, or fired. The only way I will be satisfied with this repair is if the catalytic converter is replaced free of charge and that Bocker pays for all or half of the labor as promised by Robert Robb on 06/16/14.

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