Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden Review

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This Bar/Beer Garden does not know how to run a company and treats customers with no respect and no service . The General Manager doesn’t know what he is doing meaning he don’t know how to manage his job. I don’t know why the Board of Directors hired this man. I think that was a big mistake if you want your business to go down the drain. This man treats his own employees like slaves. Now tell me if he treats his own employees like crap then what makes you think he wouldn’t treat customers like crap. I think they discriminate against other nationalities. They won’t treat their own race like slaves. People shouldn’t be treated this way because we are in America. If you want respect you must give respect too. I tell you don’t trust this company because they will try to take all the money you got and if you don’t they either call you a cheap bas**rd. Even if you did work for them they call all employees theives or set you up to get fired. I feel sorry for the employees, I wish them luck.

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