Bolaiya - Bolaiya

Bolaiya - Bolaiya

Bolaiya – Bolaiya Chengdu Shuangliu District, Customer Clearance in Chin, Sichan Dajian Road 289. Vendor Code CN59876443188, INVOICE No. 20180727666, DATE OF SHIPMENT 27 JULY 2018. Wrong product. Not what I ordered. Sichuan Chengdu Shuamgiu District!!. When I was looking in my Facebook, there was a advertisement anouncing Salvatores Fegarramo Ladies Shoes. I bought a pair of whine ladies shoes. After not hearing from them, finally I received a pair of Nike Tanjun Tenis Shoes, black, which I did not order because I do not use this kind of Tenis Shoes. In fact, I do not use Tenis shoes with lases. I tried to call to the telephone number, which is the only indication to contact the company and it did not went through. I know how to dial to China, because I live in that area for more than five year. It sounded disconected. Therefore, I wish I can sent the product back, but their address is not clear and I do not want them to be lost, so I will see how I can write a letter to them to let them know that I do not want them, because they are not what I ordered.

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