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I highly suggest you do not work for this company but also DO NOT ! BUY THERE PRODUCTS . The immediate management in this company have no clue what they are doing , they not only will lie to their employees , steal from them and promise you the world . They also provide stupidly expensive online low overhead cost to produce products that are marked up at a minimum of 130 % brudal . Not only is it untrustworthy to work for these nonexpwrienced idiots , they are like a little inexperienced gang , so if you work for them , they will toss anyone under the bus for there own safety. The management out right lies to your face and even at that will also toss there own under the bus at that ? Why work for shady inexperienced losers who are in it for themselves and not the well being of the business . 1 yr for a s**t online ohs compliance update . There are no experts on the expert panel the expert is Rick Tobin , a total pathological liar , low self-esteem , slob who , creeps on all the woman they hire . Hey if your hot and no a bit on marketing He will hire you , creep you like a gross stalker , he’s negetive , no sales experience at all , produces lose , low end internet products that u can get for free online ( $ 1000 from them lol ) total joke . inexperienced sales people who do not have product knowledge are who u are dealing with . out and put I will not buy this product ever again . I’m floored from the info passed along to me . Tony who lies also will say his title is ” Director Of Ops ” ??? If you speak to him he is English , is a total a** kisser with no experience also , thinks he does but very far from it . The whole company is one big out right lie . They have an American lawyer from Brooklyn who writes Canadian compliance reviews and so on lol . not a Canadian . There are so many great companies out there to get compliance updates from and new provincial laws . BONGARDE PENTICTON DOES NOT DELIVER WHAT THEY SAY TO EMPLOYEES AND ALSO CONSUMERS !!!!! STAY AWAY !!!!!! GET QUALITY NOT THIS S***

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