Bonney Plumbing

Bonney Plumbing Complaint

Bonney Plumbing states in their webnsite and tells customers this: At Bonney, we handle for the customer from scheduling the permit to the final inspection. Yes they collect permit costs that is far more than the fees. Dixon CA they collected $163 and fee was $39. Solano Co collected $150 and fee was $119. Bonney has found a way to pocket the funds and do nothing as the law says the property owner is responsible that the permit is obtained before the work. When no inspections were made on the water heaters replaced I contacted Solano Co and the City of Dixon and found no permits were issued and I am at fault and can be fined. Bonney may do great work but be careful as they can sure mislead the customer. I called the Bonney office and was told that they had not requested permits for some time. Mr Bonney called me and said they were taking care of my permits for the work done Oct 2012 and Feb 2013 and it was an internal problem. I asked about all the other customers being overcharged and cities and counties not getting the permit fees and he said I should not be concerned about others. I received a letter from Mr Bonney and a check he sent to compensate me for my inconvenience. So be careful when dealing with Bonney Plumbing Co of Sacramento with their many trucks in several counties and well dressed employees.

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