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Are you looking for a highly skilled therapist with over 25 years experience working with couples, individuals and children? Relationship issues, lack of communication or conflict resolution skills leave people stuck and frustrated. Finances, health, grief, trauma, transitions and education challenges all take their toll on people’s psyche. Being anxious or depressed can cause a person to lose their confidence and skew their decision making. Coming to therapy offers a new perspective, and non-judgemental suggestions. When people become clearer, centered and more focused , they can set goals and work towards them. In addition to my private practice, I have years of experience working in the schools, juvenile courts and family courts. My strength is my ability to connect with my clients. It is in a genuine therapeutic alliance that people can trust, open up and begin to heal. I offer many interventionss to help clients regain balance and coping in their lives During our first assessment session, i will be asking some basic questions for a medical history and where we may want to go in your treatment. As I assess you, you are also assessing me. My first goal is for you to be comfortable and give me the opportunity to enter this journey with you. This is a new relationship, a process and the choice is yours.

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