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Boost Mobile

We have had nextel since the mid-90’s, switched to sprint then to boost in approx. 2005. We had 3 phone numbers on the account. In April 2013, boost was repairing their lines and nobody around me with boost service could call out or get a call in, including 9-1-1. We were robbed in a home invasion (police report number as proof) and we couldn’t even call for help, our lives were in danger! We begged boost to just switch our service over to sprint temporarily until their lines were fixed but they wouldn’t do it. We were being forced to switch services temporarily and we were ensured that if we came back within 6 months, our rate would be saved. I was told again on 7/10/13 by a supervisor that this was true, my rate would be saved. Today, I was basically called a liar and told that I was never told my rate would be saved. Right on their website, it states the same thing, that the rate drops every 6 months for paying on time and rate good for 6 months. They are being rude and will not stand behind their word. This is blatant fraud and they need to be fined for such! I believe that they shut down their lines to get people to switch carriers and then when the people come back, they charge them the higher price! They, in reality, don’t want people to get cheaper monthly service but need to advertise as such to get new customers. Please check into this fraud, they need to be caught up with!!! ***This matter will be going to civil or criminal court as our lives were in danger because of their phone lines being down and we were given no warning that this would be occurring; the lines were down from the end of April 2013 to Mid-July 2013********
. I demand Either honer the $40 for the 3 phones or refund the money paid for the phones as I can’t use them without a plan.. I don’t recommend them

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