Boulder Chrysler Dodge Ram

Boulder Chrysler Dodge Ram

Boulder Chrysler Dodge Ram Tyler Grubich, General Manager. Randy Grubbs, Service Manager Boulder Chrysler Dodge RAM Provided Terrible Service and Didn’t Send Reimbursement As Promised BOULDER Colorado!!. My Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Unlimited (top of the line pick up) had extensive repairs – bent frame – costing well into the thousands and was returned without the gas tank nozzle connected to the gas tank, which caused me to dump over 10 gallons of diesel fuel on the ground. Besides the environmental damage, the risk of fire was significant – my wife, bystanders and I were all lucky to walk away unharmed. When I returned the truck and asked it be repaired along with the other numerous items left unfinished (my after market computer was disconnected with wires hanging out of the dash, the windshield surround was left disconnected, found more damage to the front-end that required repair, the brake cable was left unsecured causing a rattle), Randy Grubbs, the Service Manager, took no accountability and said these were not his fault. Needless to say, I am willing to spend money to avoid Boulder Dodge dealership and am taking it to the Longmont dealership and for any unfinished repairs. After many requests that the Boulder Dodge Service Manager, Randy Grubbs, return the truck as it was given to me, I had to go to Tyler Grubich, the General Manager, for resolution. During that conversation, I brought up that I was charged over $800 for an oil change that was verbally quoted to me to be “a few hundred bucks”. Tyler agreed pay us back $450 and in return I would not disparage Boulder Dodge via negative reviews on social media. Well, we havent received the $450 as promised so I am compelled to warn other unsuspecting customers of our bad experience with the service department at Boulder Dodge. Beware and go to Longmont Dodge – it’s right down the road and they will take care of you.

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