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I found this company through a Facebook ad. I had wanted to try magnetic lashes and was really excited when my package arrived. I am used to wearing false lashes and have worn some pretty dramatic lashes for the right occasion. For those who don’t know, magnetic lashes come in two pieces and attach to your lash with what should be tiny magnets. So where do I start… First of all, one of these lashes are as thick and full as most glue on, but when you put the two together, it’s ridiculous. Second, the magnets are so large that they don’t allow the lash to curve around your eye correctly. You end up with it “hooded” over the eye, obstructing your view. Not to mention they are HEAVY and within minutes my eyes were aching. Third , it took me over an hour to even get them on an and connect close to the eye line. I never could get the left eye right. Lastly, they way over charge for what you get. | I was hoping by paying more, I’d get a better product. I paid $35. You can get other brands on Amazon for less then $10. You’d think when you pay more you’d get a guarantee of some kind. Bottom line, this is a horrible product. When I emailed them for a refund I got this response: “Unfortunately, we do not accept returns as stated in our Return Policy unless the product is defective. If the product is defective, please provide evidence and we can send you a free pair. The reason we don’t accept them is for our customers safety. Since the product is placed close to the eye it wouldn’t be hygienic to sell it ” They didn’t even end the sentence with a period! In my opinion, the lashes are defective, but what evidence will be acceptable to them? Beware of this company. I would never purchase another product from them.

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