Boundery HALO Emergency Lights HALO Emergency Flashing Light Devices for Breakdowns On Roads other California!!. The lights work as advertised but be WARNED that they are expensive [$13.00 a device] and the advertisement for them borders on deceptive by implying that if you buy 3, you get two free when what they actually mean is if you buy 5 they will sell them to you for $13.00 each instead of the normal $21.00. You can tell by the construction that they probably cost about $1.00-$2.00 to manufacture and the company does NOT provide batteries so you must also purchase 3 AAA batteries per device. Which raises the total price per device by as much as $3.00 depending on where you purchase your batteries. These devices are being sold tonline and through Instagram so if you are interested in them be sure and look closely at what you are being asked to put out finacially for a device that can almost certainly be found elsewhere, made by different companies at a vastly cheaper price.

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