Boyan Josic

Boyan Josic

Boyan Josic, icodash,,,,,,, Emmanuel Boyan Josic Took my money, took my work, sites and services are shut off, never paid me, lied about everything, ripped off clients and employees Belgrade Michigan, Florida!!. Worked with Boyan Josic for many months, and have never met a person so capable of lies and deception as he is. He is a complete powder keg with a RAGING temper….he goes from calm to raging mad in an instant, and is CONSTANTLY blaming others. At Mogul Media, ICO Dashboard and TokenDashboard, He signed up dozens of companies, he takes their money, then completely fails to deliver anything. He is the ULTIMATE CON-MAN…A true master of his art. To his staff of managers, developers and writers, he’s always promising to pay… “the check is in the mail” … “the payment went out today”…. “my accounting department sent that out already”… but 100% of the time it never comes, and was never sent to begin with. He owes me and others I know tens of thousands of dollars. And for those who dare to speak out against him or stand up to him, he loses his mind in a fit of rage and theatens them with everything he can think of. I’ve seen him do this to clients, employees, and contractors — he threates with lawsuits, jail, even physical harm — despite the fact that it is HE who never paid Them. His MO is to milk all the work he can out of people, keep stringing them along with promises to pay, and then accuses them of failing to deliver. He is rude, unpredictable, dishonest, and full of himself. Truley the worst type of person.

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