Brack check 545

Brack check 545

Brack check 545 Cheap parts ,non Profetional /untrained employee & rap off idiot manager Houston, Texas!!. Starting when I had a little bite of noise from my brakes , I took my car to that place called breack check 545 on westheimer rd in Houston,tx they informed me that I need to chage pads and cut the Rotters so I said ok Came back couple of weeks as the noice did not go away it even got sharper and more irritating !!! Again the idiot bold guy “manager” told me that I need a break flush also called bleeding ! I said ok maybe that’s it I am not a mechanic of course the bill adds up almost $400 and lots of time going back to the shop and still the noise did not go away !!! Again that idiot uneducated bold manager trying to recommend me more work I said no this time instead I went to my mechanic and I let him look at it he informed me that the pads that they use is the cheapest pads that u can ever find !! And he told me that the cut to the rotters was not done correct and the bleeding was not necessary to take care of the noise problem !! Instead he order me new pads and adjust the cut on the rotters and the noise went away in the same day ! What a miracle !! If I am one of theses CEO brothers of brack check I need to educate my employee ,train them and give them a lesson in how to be honest and don’t rape off your customers just Like that stupid idiot… Bold manager at your store #545 !! He is simply a crooke the more you have employee like him the more you will loose customers Thanks,

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