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Brad's Cars

Brad’s Cars Problem Vehicle Murray Utah!!. I purchased a vehicle from Brad’s Cars in November 2015. Not even a week after taking it from the lot, things started popping up. I noticed a few small things that were not working that were, to my knowledge, part of the safety inspection. I confirmed with another mechanic that these things should be working in order to pass the safety inspection in Utah. Brad’s Cars passed my vehicle when I purchased it from them. Knowing that these things should’ve been addressed prior to even having the vehicle on the lot, I filed a complaint with Utah Highway Patrol’s Motor Vehicle Enforcment Division and they were able to “persuade” Brad’s Cars and the mechanic they used for the safety/emissions inspection to fix the problems at no cost to me. After this first issue, I then had another problem with the Throttle Position Sensor. Despite the fact that I was truly annoyed at this point with the vehicle and its problems, I knew that this could be a problem regardless of the other issues I was experiencing and could reasonably happen to even a knew vehicle. About 4 months after taking the vehicle, I then started having issues with the transmission. After getting it checked out, the mechanics informed me, and even showed me, that someone had already done a “half-assed” patch job on the transmission and whomever it was, didn’t know what they were doing. Being that this was my only vehicle, and that I had a “Drivetrain Warranty” from Brad’s Cars, I filed a claim to get the warranty to pay for the repair and get my vehicle back to driveable condition. Much to my dismay, the claim was denied because the transmission “already had work done on it”. What?! Of course it has had work done on it….it is a used car!!! I would’ve expected that any warranty that Brad’s Cars sells would cover the cars that….Brad’s Cars sells! After fighting with this issue, the warranty company reluctantly gave me $1600 for a $3600 repair. My latest issue with this vehicle is when, a year after purchasing it, I got to get it inspected for safety and emissions. Apparently the suspension on the front end of the vehicle is in dire need of repair and even “proper application”. My mechanic said that some of the components are so worn out that they were surprised that it had passed last year even. The price quoted to me in order to have my vehicle just pass the safety inspection was $1700. In the end, I understand that vehicles need repairs over time. The fact that I purchased this vehicle from a dealership with the expectation, and even hope, that it would run for at least a year without issue, has me frustrated and annoyed beyond anything I’ve ever dealt with before. When the cost for one year of ownership is over $5800, that is unacceptable. I’ve sought legal advice on this matter and will continue to pursue anything that I can. While some reparations would be greatly appreciated, I really want to alert other consumers to the money pit of a vehicle sold at Brad’s Cars and that they would be better off buying somewhere else. I have never more understood the advice to never trust a used car dealer than I do now.

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