Bradshaw's Muffler and Automotive

Bradshaw's Muffler and Automotive

Bradshaw’s Muffler and Automotive Donnie Bradshaw Ripped off due to shoddy workmanship from dishonest buisnessman Muncie Indiana!!. I brought my 2005 Toyota Tundra to Bradshaws Automotive in Jan 2019 to get all of my catalytic converters, oxygen sensors,muffler, and serpentine belt replaced. He quted me a price of $2500.00 which later was changed to $2700.00 because I added replacing the serpentine belt. He said the work would take 2-3 days tops but it ended up being a week. When the work was complete I went to pick up my truck and as soon as I pulled off the lot the check engine light came back on so I took it straight back to him. He immediately started to try to minimize ant responsibility for the awful way my truck ran and sounded so I took it straight to Toyota Of Muncie. They detected I had a bad ignition coil and replaced it. This solved my engine light but the truck had a real loud exhaust leak. So I took it back agin to Bradshaw’s and he finally agreed to check it out again. He discovered that he had left a nut off of one of the manifold bolts that was causing the exhaust leak and fixed it. So I drove it to work and back for several weeks but it still even with a new muffler and most of the exhaust replaced was still louder than it was before I took it to this creep. He said there was nothing he could do. I have learned since that aftermarket converters don’t fit as well as the original factory replacement parts so I just figured I was stuck with it. Then last week on May 4th 2019 I was checking my coolent level on my lunch break and I discovered a split all the way down the middle of my serpintene belt so I was afraid it would break so I took it to O’Brian Toyota in Indianapolis and they discovered that the serpentine belt was installed incorrectly which caused stress on it and nearly broke. He routed it wrong because he couldn’t read the belt routing diagram. So when I called Donnie Bradshaw and told him that he did this he refused to give me the money back that I paid him to replace the belt.

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