Brady's Auto Service

Brady's Auto Service

Brady’s Auto Service NA Auto repair not done Snellville Georgia!!. I took my car to brady auto service to replace a water pump that I purchase from auto-zone. Bradys, Joey the mechanic worked on my car on 01.21.2018 and replaced the water pump. I asked him if anything else was wrong with the car and took it from him that evening. While driving the car I begin to loose oil pressure and took it back to him. I spoke over the phone about the oil pressur and our decision was to change the oil sensor that may be bad and clean another sensor. Joey called me on the 01.22.2018 letting me know the car was fix and there were no lights on. I picked up the car on 01.24.2018 and allowed the car to idle for a moment while checking on some new tire (tire shop two doors down from the auto service center. I return to the car and the oil light was on. I walk back to the auto shop and told the machanic what had happen. Both him and I waited the sensor and it went to 0 and back to 40. The machanic told me that the car was fine to drive and I should not have any problems. I took the car on what he had told me and drove the car for less that an hour before my engine started to know. I return to the shop and the machanic inform me that I need a new engine and it is going to cost me about $5200.00 and that he never saw a car trick him like that. I left the car with them after being piss off. Called Joey to (01.26.2015) and told him what had happen and i took the car on the advance of your machanic. Joey informed me that it is not their problem and they are not going to do anything about it. I told him I feel like this is part their problem because I would never if you guy did not advise me to. I am will to purchase the engine if you put it in without labor or change me half price on labor. Joey inform me that he will change me $2900 on labor and engine I ask him if the engine had the 3 years warranty and Joey told me it had a 90 warranty only the estimate for the $5200.00 carry the 3 years warranty. I told him good bye. I think it unfair that I took my car to get my water pump replace and have my engine light check and now I need a new engine. In addition who knows what else they are willing to do. I also feel that they should take some of the responsiblity and repair my car at no labor cost to me if I am willing to buy the engine. This place is a ripoff to it’s consumers.

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