BRAGGS USED CARS, BRAGGS AUTO BODY, BRAGGS AUTO SHOP, BRAGGS BUY HERE PAY HERE sold me a bad car with inaccurate paperwork/vin barboursville West Virginia!!. I purchased my car in september 2019 paid off early in february 2018. At the time of purchase JERMEY the owner told me his mechanics went under my hood and repaired my engine and transmission the car was only suppose to have 48k on it and come to find out NOTHING had been touched, i asked for the receipts from the work they claimed to have done and he gave some BS typed up report on the car to show that only engine work had been done and then i tried to run a car fax only to find out my VIN number was wrong and it linked to some other car. Well in June 2018 my transmission went completely out on me and my check engine light has stayed on consistently. They refused to give me my title for MONTHS i finally just got it a week ago during the week of 07/15/2018 when i have been requesting it since my pay off in FEBRUARY. They are now refusing to do business with me in matters of helping my car get fixed and they have told me i am to stay off their property for whatever reason. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM ALL THEY HAVE IS JUNK AND THEY HAVE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. JERMEY IS A SCAMMER AND HIS WIFE/BABY MOMMA HAS NO IDEA WHAT SHES EVEN DOING!!! THE COMPANY IS RINKY DINK AND UNORGANIZED.

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