Brake & Tunes - Jose Gallegos

Brake & Tunes - Jose Gallegos

Brake & Tunes – Jose Gallegos Jose Gallegos well Mr,Jose Gallegos ,owner of Brake & Tunes is in the bigest rip-off scams, Chula Vista california!!. in the last few years ,I dont know how this man can keep buisness operating ,and making HONEST PEOPLE THINK THAT HE IS ACTUALLY ,DOING SERVICE ON THERE CARS ,BUT HE AINT DOING ANYTHIG .this man does not do any oil changes ,he does not change spark plugs, he does not change brake shoes,well all this man does is take peoples MONEY, he has the mecanics make you think his working on your car but hes really not doing anything to it.They call these jobs “CANICASO””which means “”Marbel in spanish..He does not respect RACE or AGE , this man is paying his mecanis CASH to avoid doing TAXES to the I.R.S ..he doesint even have a payroll..his mecanis are from mexico and they have passports .they dont even have permission to work in the Gallegos is very cautious when he is ,doing these rip-off ,operations.if there client white ,he will rip-him off buying telling him his car needs ,extra parts to make it work.He always tries to sell ,thing to the client even though they dont need them.this one time this person needed a radiator and he sld her,a WATER PUMP,A THERMATHOST,ALL WATER HOSES ,ANTIFREEZE,RADIATOR, A SENSOR ,A A CATALIC CONVERTER,she ended up paying over $1000 dallars ,when she could of just paid $150 for the radiator.he never installed none of these parts on the old ladys car..he made her think that the car needed them all.he charges money but he doesnot do no serrvice to anycar..theres cars that have been there for 6 to 8 months for head jobs ,and he lies to the clients saying that the parts have not got to the shop yet,he just takes there money.also what he does is he goes to the wrecking yards and gets all used parts ,and sells them like new,he cleans them with gasoline,he likes using gasoline ,to clean all the dirty parts from the wrecking yards.they wipe down and clean everything really nice ,so the client can think there recieving new parts.all the spark plugs that they have to change ,all they do is clean them with GASOLINE,to make them look new….Imagine if some one is smoking a cigarrete what would this cause at his shop,all FOR SOME EXTRA BUCKS…HOW CAN THE CITY OF CHULA VISTA ,HAVE MR.JOSE GALLEGOS ,, GIVING BUINESS TO HONEST PEOPLE ,AND THEY ARE NOT GETTING ANYTHING IN RETURN..A BIG RIP-OFF…also mr.gallegos ,has been maried twice ,he wants to fix his legal status ,but his second wife filed a RESTRAINING ORDER against him and ,MR.GALLEGOS IS VIOLATING THE LAW ,BY GOING TO HER HOUSE WHILE SHE IS AT WORK,AND goes and bothers her…mr.gallegos is not LEGALLY in the UNITED STATES ,hes also trying to marry PAOLA NuNES from ,a autopart store near bye.he offered her 6000 thousand dollars ,to get married.that would be his THIRD wife. he thinks he CAN FULL THE COUNTY,STATE, and everyone that believes in him..the BETTER BUISNESS BUREAU ,should have someone ,go down there and shut down BRAKE and TUNES ,make sure there hispanic and older the better,remember jJOSE GALLEGOS is very cautious ,or an older person .hes mecanics and him will never respect AGE and RACE..

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