Brampton Locksmith Master Brampton Car Keys | Brampton Auto Locksmith

Brampton Locksmith Master Brampton Car Keys | Brampton Auto Locksmith

Brampton Locksmith Master/Brampton Car Keys | Brampton Auto Locksmith Dispatch and the locksmith Scamed me for almost double the price they originally gave me! Brampton, Ontario!!. I recently left my keys in a cab on a night out with friends. That meaning I had to have my car towed back to my home and call someone to make a key to get into my car and start it. I looked online and came across ” BRAMPTONLOCKSMITHMASTER.CA ” and decided I would give them a call at 11:30am. On their website they say ” If you need 24 hour cheap and reliable mobile car key made in Brampton ON, Call us today at: 1-800-631-1895″ I gave them a call and dispatch said they could have someone out to my home in an hour to make my car key and key fob (I have a Mazda 6 and my key is a chip and needs to be programed) and program it. The man on the phone told me it would cost $200.00 CAD to do this and that also included $35.00 CAD for the office service charge and tax. I thought that was perfect. It was in my price range and the man told me it would take about 45 minutes. I booked my appointment for the locksmith to come to my home for 1:00pm, I was happy to get my keys for my car. At 12:00pm I got a call from the locksmith telling me he was 10 minutes away from my home and he was ready to unlock my car and get started. I was a little confused right there because I had booked my 1:00pm appointment for a reason because I was out of the house (in my other car) grocery shopping. I told the man named “JOHN” that I had a 1:00pm appointment for him to come to my home and he said to me that the appointment didnt matter, he was ready now. Very rude, I thought. I told him my situation that I wouldnt be home for another half hour and he said fine and hung up. He didnt arrive at my home until 1:30. I went outside to meet him, he opened my car and got started making the key. I waited for a maximum of 10 minutes for him to make the key, punch codes into the machine and program the key into my car. Literally a maximum of 10 minutes. When he was done, he handed me just a key that unlocks my car and starts it, without a keyfob!!!! When he was done he told me the total price was $320.00 CAD!!!!!!! “Are you kidding me?!” I said to him. The man on the phone told me it would be $200.00 for everything! THE KEY, THE KEYFOB, PROGRAMMING, THE SERVICE FEE with TAX INCLUDED!! When I said that he looked at me and said that was just for the key, programming and his service charge. It was ALSO ANOTHER $35.00 EXTRA FOR THE OFFICE SERVICE CHARGE!! MY NEW TOTAL: $355.00!!! I went inside and called the company, and the man I spoke to before came on the phone. I explained to him what happened, and that the locksmith named JOHN was charging me was more than what he said to me on the phone. He then told me that there was nothing he could do and that is what the locksmith is charging. I asked to speak with the manager or the owner, and he told me there was nothing he could do because he was just dispatch! I was so upset I could barely speak!! The man on the phone just kept saying “SORRY MA’AM” “THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO” and then he hung up on me!! By the end of it, I had to pay the locksmith $355.00 for a single key that unlocks my door and starts my car, all of which took approximately 10 minutes to do!! The locksmith JOHN just took the money and drove away, HE COULDNT EVEN GIVE ME A RECIPT!! I have never been more upset. I would NEVER RECOMEND USING “” to do anything for you! I was 100% ripped off by these people and they couldnt even direct my call to a manager or an owner. I am a very unhappy customer and as I have read other reviews this is not the first time someone has felt like this from this company. Now I have to go and pay $150.00 to get a Keyfob for my car and have it programmed because that A**hole ripped me off! That company should not be allowed to serve anyone!!

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