Branchville motors

Branchville motors

Branchville motors vespa dealer, ridgefield, ct Bad bad decisions, product broke, no loaner, no swap ridgefield, Connecticut!!. Bad business decisions from the owner of Branchville motors vespa dealer & piaggio. A member of our scooter club bought a brand new/leftover scooter and was paid in full. Drove away from the dealer, just got into Wilton, where the scooter broke down! Keep in mind the scooter was new and only had 7miles on it. The member was so patient that it has been in the shop for three weeks! The owner should have made a good decision to swap the machine out or refund the money, instead of trying to figure out the mechanical/electronic issues. The time spent trying to solving the problem and time spent chasing Piaggio for a special tech, should have been worth a swap or refund! A Piaggio tech was assigned to find the problem. Now Piaggio Company is involved in the warranty work and order the part that is needed.. Only the part was never overnighted, now its two more weeks waiting. More run around with Piaggio and dealer who is blaming who for the mistakes! This poor person spent the money and paid in full, the money is locked up and the consumer is suffering with no product! Poor business decisions. Piaggio & Branchville motor should be following Stew Lenorads policy Rule:1 The customer is always right! Rule:2 If the customer is wrong, reread rule #1 I can’t tell you what to do; Please don’t do business with Branchville motors vespa dealer. Thank you! Underdogscooterclub

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