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I got a call from Timothy from Brandrep promising me services with Google. Stating that i will be on the top of all search engines within two weeks. After two weeks called spoke to Timothy and told him that i saw no results. Timothy thsn said to me that if i don’t see it within 24hrs they would give me some free months. Once again a Lie! I logged into my Bank Account to see a charge for 159.95 and still within 30 days nothing was done. | Spoke to Juan Mojica about it and he refused to csncel my Service or refund my money as the contract states that if within 90 days you see no results than they will refund your money and work for free. I logged in to check how the progress was going and it says all search engines are pending. This is a Scam. Do not give them any of your information as they will just bill you without doing anything for your company. | SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

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