Brandywine Auto Parts

Brandywine Auto Parts

Brandywine Auto Parts /SavMor Auto Parts of Ft Washington, MD What part works Ft. Washington Maruland!!. On June 14, 2018 My fiancee purchased a used engine through Brandwine Auto I specify through because though Brandywine is the company listed on the internet, if they don’t have a part at their facility in Delaware, they are part of a network and will send you elsewhere. I was sent to SavMor Auto Parts of Ft,. Washington, MD for an engine for my 1995 Mercedes C280. Though I was told by Bryan White at SavMor that my $1000 used engine would arrive the next day, about 5 days passed before the engine actually arrived. My fiancee and I would wait it out each day and at about 3PM we would call and be told tomorrow. When it finally did arrive, he began the task of installing it. It took him about a week. The original problem with my car was that it was overheating. I put in a new water pump and it continued to overheat. Instead of repaining the head gasket or replacing the engine block, we decided to replace the entire engine. It continued to overheat. We put in a new radiator. It continued to overheat, it had a miss, oil and antifreeze were mixing and it had steam coming out of the tail pipe. Thermostat, hoses, waterpump and alternator and alternator were new. The fans had been checked and were running properly. The coolant level was checked and was initially ok, but after about 25 miles, the low coolant light was coming on. The only part that was not brand new in this process was the engine. I understand that a used engine may not be a good engine. The hope is that one gets an engine that “drove to the accident.” In any event, SavMor offered a 101 day warranty. I called SavMor in late July explained what was happening and asked if they would replace the engine. They said they would. I asked them to give me about a week to get it out of the car.I contacted them on July 29 to let them know the engine was out and ready for pick up. They said the engine would arrive on Thursday, August 1. The engine did not arrive on 8/1, nor 8/2. On Frriday, 8/2 they said it would arrive on Monday, the 5th. On the morning of the 5th they said it would come that same day. By 4PM it had not arrived, I called I was told tomorrow. By 4PM on the 6th it still had not arrived. I spoke to a manager, Terry Baker I believe. Mr. Baker explained that 2 different engines that they were prepared to deliver, were subsequently found to be faulty and were not delivered. I certainly appreciate that they did not deliver a second bad engine. But why have me waiting for delivery and not even take the time to call and let me know the delivery will not take place. Whay wait until I am frustrated and calling you? Can you say customer service????? Mr. Baker said they did not have an engine at the moment and nothing would come before Thursday (it was Tuesday evening) By the end of the day on Thursday I had not received an engine nor a phone call. I contacted Brandywine on Friday and they referred me back to SavMor. Mr. Baker said he would refund my money to the credit card it was puchased on after he retrieved the engine. He said he would send the delivery person who handles my area to pick up the engine tomorrow, which was yesterday, 8/9. No pick up. no call. I contacted my credit card company, the Better Business Bureau and of course I am filing this report. Maybe next week will see a resolution to this problem.

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