Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout

On December 7, 2017, Tara from Brazilian Blowout came in and asked if we needed any product. My coworker, Sarah, and I did need to order and asked if there were any package deals, like they have offered in the past. Tara, excitedly, said yes. She said the package included: one (1) bottle of solution, one (1) cleanser, one (1) masque, and either one (1) back bar size bonding spray or six (6) of the retail sizes. We said we would like to order that, and go with the six (6) retail size bonding sprays, she then proceeded to tell us she would throw in three (3) styling products and asked what we wanted. We asked for a total and she said she didn’t have it, and I specifically said, it will be around the cost of other packages ($350ish + tax + shipping) in the past and she said, “yes”. She asked if it was ok to charge the card on file and we said, “yes”, this was Sarah’s card. | The next day, Sarah noticed that she was charged $537.23. We text Tara, to find out if this was a mistake and she said no. She said that was the cost of the package. We then told her to cancel it and we only wanted the solution and bonding sprays. She said she would do that and resubmit the order and that the refund will be processed in 3 days. In the meantime, we received the original order and looked at the invoice and noticed that we were charged a la carte for each item, the times that she said were part of the “package”. We then got in contact with Tara. On December 13, 2017, there was still NO refund from Brazilian Blowout, we followed up with Tara, as directed to by the Brazilian Blowout office, and she said she would come in to the salon to “take care of it”. | At approximately four (4) o’clock, Tara came in and took the masque and two (2) bonding sprays. She then said she needed to email her supervisor (Rafael) to approve the refund, which she had never mentioned before, so her initial statement about a refund, days prior, was a lie. She said she would CC us on the email, which never happened either. The next day, there was still no email, so we followed up again and Tara claimed to have processed a refund, for the wrong amount. During all of this, we kept calling Brazilian Blow out to ask them to help us fix the issue and they said we need to resolve it with the rep, Tara. Sarah and I sent multiple texts to Tara over the weeks, which she ignored. At one point she tried calling us, left a snide voicemail, but we told her we prefer communication via text or email, so we have documentation, since we are dealing with an issue which she misrepresented to begin with. What she did is bait and switch, fraud and a scam. To this day, January 3, 2018, that “refund” still has not cleared the bank into the account, despite them showing us some paper saying it did. | There are two issues here: | The refund that they claim to have refunded, has never happened, and Tara took three (3) of the products that she originally said were included in the “package”. | The amount of the “refund” was wrong and this is why: | $350 (package) × 7.25%= $25.38 (tax) | $350 + $25.38 = $375.38 | $375.38 + $14.38 (shipping) = $389.76 (this is the total we should have been charged) | $537.23 (amount we were charged) – $389.76(amount we should have been charged) = $147.47 (refund we are owed) | They claim to have refunded $83.12, which is still debatable. If they in fact refunded it and the refund has cleared the bank the balance they owe is $64.35 | $147.47- $83.12= $64.35 | On top of all of this fiasco, Tara and Rafael, have both been extremely rude and unprofessional. Rafael has accused Sarah and I of lying, raising his voice at us, and the even closed Sarah’s account (a long standing loyal customer, all because HE refused to actually listen to what we were saying, we have witnesses, who heard Tara describe this “package deal” to us. Rafael told us we need to be patient, when we have been, this has been going on for weeks. Rafael accused me of accusing him and his staff of being on drugs, when I never said that. I said Tara’s behavior resembles that of someone with a substance abuse issue.

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