Breeze auto sale , repair, rental

Breeze auto sale , repair, rental

Breeze auto sale , repair, rental held on to title too long and cost me money/altered title delran New Jersey!!. I purchased a vehicle from breeze. They were nice at first, Ryan the owner, until I handed over the money. At that point is when everything went down hill. He promised me my car the next day. I had to call several times, no one knew where Ryan was and this guy Dave there was getting annoyed with me. Dave calls, I go get the car, had questions but he blew me off stating he had a family emergency and had no time for me. Mind you no Ryan and no title. I kept calling for the title, once again seemingly annoying Dave. Ryan finally calls and tells me he had to order new title. OK that is all Dave had to say. Title comes that Saturday, supposedly, and my last name is spelled wrong. Per Ryan he would have to order a new title. Ryan calls me on Monday for the title I tell him to mail it because I don’t get off work before he closes. I get it Thursday, go to the DMV on Saturday, the title is only $60 but cost me $80 because the stamp expired. DMV Rep and I examined the title and realize that instead of getting a new title he altered the original, (ILLEGAL ), the Rep let it go because it wasn’t to obvious and should pass if they are audited. But I still got charged the fee according to the date stamp Ryan had the title in advance, you have ten days from the date of the stamp. Had he gotten a new one LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD, the stamp wouldn’t be expired. Called him to reimburse me the $25 dollar fee and he tells me, “It’s just $25 dollars, you want $25 , fine I’ll write ya a check, when you want it.” I was discussed and told him to mail me my money. I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE CHECK!! I filed with the BBB and he refuses to respond to them…. WHAT A RIP OFF and a liar. STAY CLEAR FOLKS, once you hand over the cash your DIRT….. Displeased, Delran, NJ

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