Bren Tuning

Bren Tuning

Bren Tuning took money, did not do service Upton MA!!. Came here to pick up a friend who was having work done. I noticed they had a nice motorcycle inside the waiting room that was same make and similar engine to mine. I asked if they did bikes also? I needed to get some matainence done for spring, specificly it was time to replace my cam belts. I showed them pics of the bike to show them it was a custom build, but very similarto what was in the waiting room. They said they could do the service. They asked me for original make and model ect so they could give an accurate estimate. The estimate was fair and I was told there was a 1 month+ waiting time to schedule and I would need to pay a deposite also to be put on the schedule. So on feb 14th i paid them $150 deposite and got a service date of april 24th! On the day of my service I drive my bike there and corrdinate a ride home. The next day (25th) I call them to mention that I might need something else done, and thats when I get “oh ya well we were going to call you, there is a problem and we cannot work on your bikeu201d. When I ask why? thats when the excuses start. First one was ” bike has 26,000 and to rip down (he tried to make take the belt cove off sound difficult) we need pulley tentioners also, and you did not provide those so…we cant work on itu201d So i left work and went to Ducati dealer to ask about tentioner pulleys. One of their mechanics asked me if he (bren guy) noticed something wrong with a pulley? if not he said changing them specificly because of the mileage is Inaccurate. I went to the shop to see if maybe communication would be better with them in person. At this point we got into somemore reasons that were far fetched at best. Cant do it because of some of the other mods (reminder: this is a tuning shop that deals with ALL MODs anyway!) I think i gave up when they mentioned that my fame had the tail chopped and a hoop welded on and a new single seat installed and because of that the mechanic was not comfortable. Bottom line is they knew exactly what they gave an estimate on 3 months ago when they took my deposite and made me wait 3 months, get my bike there, call the next day THEN the “mechanicu201d decided he did not like my bike enough to do what was scheduled, and came up with very lame excuses why. Now its april and every bike shop is booked solid. I still have to schedule another ride and time off from work tomorrow to go get the bike back. This is not the professional shop they claim to be.

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