Brenda Fisher

Brenda Fisher

Brenda Fisher Art Smith .Beverly Murphy, Randy Boles, Randi Mee Brenda Fisher a Animal Abuser on Face Book Posting Suggesting To Beat Chihuahuas New Orleans Louisiana!!. Brenda Fisher is a phony on face book she abuses animals & killed her own pet Buttons over sedating him with medications while she collected funds from him thru Go Fund Me and other ways $2600.00, She has attacked good dog breeders, users on face book & other dog breeds calling Chihuahuas Rats, In this Ripoff Scams we will prove that she is indeed a serial scammer, fraud , phony with a false face book name and narcissistic sociopath with narcissistic sociopathic behavior in attacking animals & her make believe husband Danny Fisher for attention. She ask funds for her dog Buttons and kept the poor dog on so many drug medications he died of a seizure, Button never had any surgery he suffered great pain, She claims a breeder sold her a bad dog with bad genes, When fact she was feeding this dog pork, medications and other poison carcinogens killing him slowly because she was not happy the way his appearance looked as he aged, he was only three years old when she killed him , She was over dosing buttons on drugs like Trazodone, & Robaxin keeping Buttons sedated most his life , On her personal wall she has called dogs stupid and other nasty names. On a web page she created, she slander Chihuahuas suggesting beating one over the head with crow bar. She is a Charles Manson fan, loving this serial killer showing almost certain proof she does have narcissistic sociopathic behavior problems. Please take our advise and block this very dangerous criminal , animal abuser and con women from your face book, This person does not deserve any animals in her care, Brenda Fisher also has relations with Art Smith , Dominick Tambone, Randy Boles alias Randi Mee from Foxies Fund Inc. in Norcross Georgia. and Foxies Fund face book group that has been proven frauds

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