brenda warne

brenda warne

Car Shop Leicester Ltd Justin L John leicester Leicestershire United Kingdom!!. Another victim of Justin L John @ car shop leicester abbey lane. im a 73 year old pensioner who has just lost all her life savings to this company i purchased an audi a2 for just over u00a32000 and within a week it had packed up. the warranty is uselless, i have followed all instructions justin has gave as per usual, i.e send in paperwork recorded delivery and was due a letter and answer only to find the contact numbers have now all changed. seems this was just a ploy to buy them some time before they moved. now i have no working car, no money. and no idea what to do. my husband is on a pacemaker and struggles to get around and so we are housebound now

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Cloverly Automotive

Cloverly Automotive, Gary Clark (Owner) Run, don’t walk from Cloverly Automotive Ashton Maryland!!. I had my truck towed to Cloverly


americanclassicmotors WHAT A TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!. I bought a $35 Kuryakyn Accent Vent for my Harley Davidson… it didn’t fit, I

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Aftre trying to send used clubs back that were supposed to be free to try in a promo deal, I found it almost impossible to get

I ordered a light bar for my son, after 22 days of excuses I still haven’t received the light bar. We contacted Jeremy by email ( no

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Bought something from him off of Listia then after I paid I was sent a fake tracking number. When I went to email and ask about the

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Can anyone explain what this may mean? The website is called GeekHouse Capital, the same is written on their logo, the introduction has