brenspeed Bad business pierceton Indiana!!. I went to brenspeed in dec 2018 to get me some work done to my 2008 mustang I talked to the owner Don Jones and cliff about getting some more horsepower. ..Don wanted me to do 4800.00 worth of work and I was only going to get about 360 rwhp I said no thats not enough hp for that money…cliff told me the had a special going called throwback and it was a paxton supercharger for 5300.00 and you will get about 450hp I said I want that then. At first my car was quited you couldnt hear the supercharger after amonth the supercharger started making noise s9 I took it back to brenspeed april 16th 2015…everything is under warranty so they said they will take off the supercharger and send it back to paxton. I told them I dont want to be without my car for no 2 or 3 car been down there for over a month now all I was getting was lies from george I wasggoing to brenspeed at lease 2 times aweek asking how long will it be all they would say is we have to ask george whats going on with my charger..I called goerge he wouldnt call me back and when he did call me all he was doing was just lieing to me after 3 weeks I called paxton myself to see whats going on with my charger. Paxton employee told me we just got your supercharger march 30th 2018 I called george to see why they waited 3 weeks to send my charger back to paxton he didnt answer my calls so I went to brenspeed and asked cliff whats going on why it take 3 weeks to send my charger back he said george never got back with him to tell him what to do with it…now its over a month my car is still at brenspeed and they are still lieing about my charger..I got a call today saying they got my supercharger back from paxton foundly but its in Indiana and im in texas so I got 5 more days to wait this is bad business ill never use them again im telling everybody I know dont use brenspeed because once they get your money your going to get nothing but lies Don is a nice guy cliff is just a employee they both are nice but the company want last long here in texas

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