Bretz RV & Marine

Bretz RV & Marine

We have been planning on going full time on the road, we have decided to make our purchase at Bretz and the sales department was incredible… However the service department I have a huge issue with we have been treated like complete s*** we have a problem with an accessory and when we brought it back in we were ignored and passed from one person to the other. I approached the manager and he sat and looked at me with a dumb look on his face and had no idea what to do with my issue. The weather is getting bad and we wanted to get as much practice with our new trailer before the storms hit. We called two days a head and confirmed the day off to ask for our trailer be put out in the lot for us to pick up Friday night….we’ll sure as s*** (excuse my French) someone in the sales department had something better to do on their Friday night then their job! Our trailer was not out there! I am extremely upset we had to cancel our plans for the weekend. I have had nothing but terrible experience from these people and I will not tolerate someone walking all over me when I’m spending my hard earned money at this facility! Someone needs to pay!

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