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This company bought out the previous owner of this apartment complex 4 months after moving into my living quarters. Since this company took over 1) No one wishes to take action and be punctual in general repair and maintenance. 2) It took an entire month before agressive action was initiated to remove multiple mice that had been moving place to place in my kitchen area. To initiate action I had to threaten reporting them to the Department of Health. 3) I reported the dire need to apply weather stripping to my main door due to excessive cold air coming in with door shut and heating continually running. It took one week and 4 phone calls with the final threat to do repairs myself and take expenses out of rent. Then they did the work. 4) My next door neighbor lives in biohazardous conditions: boxes stacked to the ceiling/fire hazard, sliding glass door blocking pathway, Increased bags of actual trash and waste that needs to be put in dumpster, filth and clutter in refrigerator, etc yet apartment will not do anything and refuses to take action. 5) Most of all, I have paid my rent for the last 11 months on a regular routine basis on time and came into one month of hardship and requested cooperation. I informed them that an organization would be paying them $200, plus they would get my unemployment money that I filed for on Jan 8th plus money I would be paid that same week for my new part time job. WHAT DO I GET IN A TEMPORARY TIME OF HARDSHIP? THEY STARTED BILLING ME $5 FOR EVERY DAY THAT i AM LATE, PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $35, PLUS MORE ALL TOTALLING CLOSE TO $200 ADDITIONAL IN LATE FEES, WHEN I AM STRUGGLING TO GET BACK TO WORK. CONSISTENTLY PAID FOR THEIR FECAL SERVICE AND SLOW TO ACT SERVICE, YET THEY ARE RAPID TO EAT A PERSON ALIVE BLOOD AND ALL FINANCIALLY, WHEN A PERSON HITS ONE SMALLHARDSHIP MILESTONE FINANCIALLY. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! THERE ARE MANY OTHER TENANTS WHO WILL AGREE WITH ME.

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