Brickers Tire Company

Brickers Tire Company

Brickers Tire Company Brickers Tire Company broke my hubcap, underinflated my tires and overcharged me for rear tires AND HID BEHIND A SIGN St. Petersburg, Florida!!. The short of things is that I had been dealing with Brickers for a long time and this last time was it. I will never go back again due to the reasons I will list. They have a very rude person working there. He is one of the sons and obviously hates his job as he treats everyone that comes in like they just ran over his foot. He is exceptionally rude and tries to make you think you know nothing about the tire industry and he is the god of knowledge in this area. Anyway, i come in to see why my vehicle is vibrating at a specific speed. They tell me the front tires are bad. I think , ok, let’s put some new ones on. They do and I’m on my way. I don’t get to increase my speed until a couple of days later, when I get to a highway. My vehicle is all over the road with bumping and such. I immediately go back and this time they check the back tires ( they should have checked them the first time I was there- why wouldn’t they ? ) and tell me they have bulges on them ( this is caused by the roads in this are as they are always fixing roads and leaving them uneven so when you make contact , it busts the beads on your tires, but the county won’t take responsibility for their stupid incidents, they act like it isn’t their fault and you know about fighting city hall,even when they are dead wrong, they will argue that they are not. ) so i elect to replace these as well. Now, it’s only been a few days, but they tell me it will cost more to replace these since there has been a price increase on tires. Now if they had done their job and checked it the first time when I came in, I would have had them ALL replaced and it would have save me about $50.00, but now I have to pay the extra dollars.Then they deflate the othe 2 on the vehicle ( they had some trainee that didn’t know anything and he underinflated them by over 10 lbs. which caused them to make the vehicle sway bad, again not noticable until I was in highway traffic. Sooooo, once again, I go back to get the proper inflation, and they break my hubcap. Now it is plastic, but I replaced this exact on less than a year before and know it was ok, but the angry son used a air gun on it first. No wonder it was broke ( the trainee used it on the tire first so he probably broke it ) but none the less, I am told it is broke, not by them, just broke, so after it is all over, I have 3 trips to them, an extra $50.00 spent, a broken hubcap that will cost about $40.00 to replace, and I was placed in danger as the underinflated tires would make the vehicle sway very much at 55 or more. All this could have been avoided if they were thorough and professional and didn’t use customers vehicles for a training platform for what was obviously a person that just does, rather than a person that thinks first, then does. I am sure others have experienced this from this company and hopefully this will keep others from making the same mistake I made. I will NEVER go there again as I can’t afford to replace what they destroy with their employee training program. They should be avoided at ALL cost. Hope this helps…

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