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This company, who on their website, has a guarantee that they stand behind 100% and they do not sell faulty equipment. That is a lie. They sold us a leaking refrigerator..and 3 repair men later, determined it was faulty and warped and could not be replaced/fixed. Linda, a snotty lady that works there, said there are no refunds or exchanges. We said, that since you sold us a faulty fridge, that should be an exception..not to mention this is a hazard in our home with a puddle of water in the middle of our kitchen floor and 2 children and a newborn! Not to mention, our kitchen floor is going to have to be replaced due to the water damage now! She (love this!!) casually states, “that is not our problem!”..Oh, my dear, but it is, you sold us a leaking fridge! They told us to come out and pick out a new one, and we told them that since there wasn’t another one on the floor like this one or comparable in our budget…we just want our money back! After much grief from them (mind you, they are making this OUR fault somehow!), my fiance went out there to pick something else out…ended up paying another 100.00 difference! They threw in free delivery (50.00). He then later that night realized that fridge is going to be too big and called them back. They then stated that they didn’t make him pick that one, so, he can take it or come pick out another one, but, they are taking away the free delivery now! So, all in all, 350.00 is what we paid for the first fridge, then they wanted 100.00 more for another one and 50.00 for delivery..that has turned into a 500.00 fridge! In which, if we had wanted to spend that money in the first place, would have gone elsewhere and bought a new one! My fiance then goes up there..AGAIN..and tried to pick out a new one, only for them to call the cops on him for tresspassing! Needless to say, they now have 450.00 of ours and we still have a leaking fridge! They have completely taken advantage of hard working honest people! They are scammers and my guess is that they KNEW that this fridge was faulty and decided to sell it anyway..given their NO REFUND/RETURN policy..and tried to weasle MORE money out of us! I bet once they get this fridge back, they will put it RIGHT back on that showroom floor and sell to someone else…and the vicious circle continues! So, my advice..DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL!!! People have had problems like this before I even knew about it! THey are complete scammers!

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