Brillyan Auto inc. or Super Auto sales

Brillyan Auto inc. or Super Auto sales

Brillyan Auto inc. or Super Auto sales David. Jack The new owner he’s a liar , rips off people and he rolls back the kilometres. All the cars he has on his dealerships the kilometres are all wrong. Super sail auto Nationwide!!. I was in super sale auto last month to exchange my Mercedes , and I exchanged it with another car, after a couples days I find a lot of problems with this car and I went to go talk to him and he got mad and started yelling at me . When I searched up the car I found out herolled back the kilometres

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A1 chrome

A1 chrome Bad chrome job city of industry California!!. Had my 40 ford bumpers rechromed. A1 told me thay would fix all problems IE

Carhop UAC

Carhop/ UAC sold me a car that was water logged and damaged and rusted out. Internet!!. Bought a car from Carhop and drove it off the lot.

I noticed a recurring charge on my credit card. When I called the number on my statement, I was told I received a $25.00 gift card and a

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April Pepper Pepper, Beach bums bullies SICK DOGS Florida!!. April Pepper is disgusting in her behavior! Her dogs are kept in deplorable

Car Parts Depot

Car Parts Depot racing guys Sent wrong part and won’t accept return as promised by sending return label. City of Industry,!

not paying out when task was completed i reached the minimum amount for payout still going up but cannot claim it now try to find website