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When there are relational or sexual problems between loved ones, it can leave you feeling stuck, isolated, or defeated.You might feel like you are the problem.You are not alone and I can help.These feelings often come from early childhood messages that stay with us and interfere with our adult relationships. Being able to access and challenge these blocking messages can unlock a world to feeling more worth, connectivity and intimacy. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Board Certified Sex therapist and Clinical Sexologist with the experience needed to start you towards your best life today.I address intimacy issues, infidelity, sexual dysfunctions in sex therapy.I use Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy, an evidence-based treatment modality for trauma. My Marriage and Family therapist license along with Gottman level 2 couples training has well-equipped me to service relational challenges of all kinds.I have a specialized and general practice working with individuals, couples, and families. My approach will give you the tools to overcome feelings of hopelessness and anxiety and get you to a point where feeling stuck is a distant memory.

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