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I am a Licensed psychologist specializing in individual and couples therapy for adults. As part of a comprehensive treatment approach targeting overall wellness and well-being I offer several different types of services depending on each individuals specific treatment needs. My practice focuses mostly on individual therapy for adults in which I specialize in treating depression and anxiety disorders (GAD, OCD, panic disorder & PTSD) as well as working on general wellness, stress management and coping with life transitions and trauma. I also specialize in couples therapy and helping couples work on relationship issues to optimize and enhance relationship satisfactionIn addition, I also do positive psychology coaching which is designed for individuals who are already functioning well but are looking to achieve a particular goal or improvement in personal growth and or well being. I also provide psychological testing and evaluations.My treatment approach is tailored to each individual, family or couples specific needs. The goal of treatment is to work towards balance and an improved and healthier level of functioning through the development of insight, cultivating strengths, improving self awareness, coping skills and stress management strategies.

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