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Dr. Zern utilizes a strong multi-disciplinary approach to treating children, adolescents and young adults in order to ensure success in all environments. She uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to help modify maladaptive behavior and thought patterns and improve overall coping skills. Social/family support is imperative for healthy behavior and therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on parental/caregiver involvement in treatment. Dr. Zern is also experienced in assisting children and their families in obtaining supports in the school, including attending meetings to facilitate in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEP) and 504 Plans.Dr. Zern is both a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Dr. Zern specializes in the assessment and treatment of developmental and behavioral disorders among children and adolescents, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Learning Disorders.Dr. Zern is also experienced in applied behavior analysis (ABA), and works with families to implement behavioral programs for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Additionally, she provides therapy in a variety of settings (home, school and/or day care) in order to generalize skills to the natural environment when necessary.

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