Brock Doors and Windows Ltd.

Brock Doors and Windows Ltd.

Tsering Namgyal Etobicoke They left unfinished job with $15820.00 Etobicoke Ontario!!. We had our contract signed March 14th 2018 for 13 windows with brick to brick except basement washroom window (Retro). The installation started on May 28 and 29 2018. In two days they did not finished the job completely and when I called them they told me to book a service call for the incomplete job. Moreover for the basement washroom window they came twice with wrong size and finally on august 16 they replaced with right size. I have to book off from my work 3 times for this washroom window. 1. As per contract signed we are supposed to have (stool & Apron) on our kitchen and dinning windows. But they did only dinning. So when I called them they said they can’t do that because of space. I dont understand because rob salesman he did measured and it said nothing and also final measurement from brock and windows came and said nothing about the space. 2. The installer did not do the chalking on every windows that was replaced from inside. And surprisingly when I called them I have to book a service call for the incomplete job. I wrote few emails on this matter and asked about the meaning of “service call” but no response. 3. I received a kind of warning letter saying non payment with result to notification to the credit bureau and registering lien against the property. I holded $1000.00 for all these incomplete job. I have been on email with Natalie since from last October 2018 about the complaint I made. I don’t think anyone wants to make full payment leaving the job incomplete as you will see in the pictures.. And still right now its incomplete and got no response on meaning of “SERVICE CALL” as per Brock doors & windows inc.

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