Brooklyn Motor Sports

Brooklyn Motor Sports

Brooklyn Motor Sports Complete RIP OFF Brooklyn Connecticut!!. My Name is Betty and my domestic partner is Brenda. I went to look at a vehicle and dealt with Phil at Brooklyn motor Sports in Broklyn,CT. I wanted and was in need to get a vehicle as soon as I could and needed a truck. I looked at a Dodge Ram 1500,2002. Phil said I was approved but later when I came back to show my partner the truck, he asked to use “ONLY” her income. She said this would be fine. Paper work was filled out and I ,myself told him that it didn’t look right and he replied” I’ve been doing this for a long time and laws have changed, so things look different”. I now bought this truck. From day one I complained of muffler, windows, steering. He said there wasn’t anything wrong with steering/windows. Muffler he supposingly had fixed but it was still loud. I was then told it is what a Dodge Ram 1500 sounds like. Now, steering,muffler, windows all have issues. Then engine light came on. Was told it was fixed and day after it came back on and I was told it was the gas cap. Replaced gas cap and issue still there. Then had to renew our registration. This is where our nightmare became much larger. The DMV asked us where our truck was, to remove plates, and return them. Our original registration was done by Phil/paperwork @ Brooklyn Motor sports. I/we were fined $200.00 for illegal registration. This 2002 Dodge Ram 1500, was registered as a 4 door Blue sedan with no weight limits, listed. Now I had to pay this fine, get temporary plates at our cost of $49.00. (which were good for ten days) Then go get emissions test, which this truck failed. I had the truck gone over and were told that it had a small leak, large leak, steering gear needing repair, power window switch that stops working,front axel,and muffler. This truck had over $3,000.00 in repairs, I already paid $836.49 for what was not paid for by their so called extended warranty, for the steering which didn’t include the gear. Unsafe to drive I went through DMV repair/sales department. They couldn’t help at this stage. Notified small claims and they cannot take cases over small claims limit of $5,000.00, mine is $10,000.00 bank loan. Now notified BBB of this situation and they have attempted to contact twice and no response from Brooklyn Motor Sports to date. Mean while I called the bank for volunteer repo, for I got behind on payments due to repairs for this truck. I also am disabled along with my partner. So we could not afford high payments/repairs for this truck and felt the trucks worth wasn’t worth all the repairs needed. So now we will have to deal with the original Bank and file a claim in court against Brooklyn Motor Sports.

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