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I bought a puppy recently that seemed very playful and happy. It only took 6 days for the pup to pass 2 stools of mucus filled sacks of worms approx 4-7 inches in length. I rushed the pup down to the vet where the pup was given a dewormer. By saturday afternoon day 10, the 4lb pup started vomitting and had diarreah. Sunday i called the vet and got an appointment for monday morning. I went to the appointment and put the pup on the scale, she passed a stool. It was like nothing the vet, nurses, or I have ever seen. The vet and nurses were baffled at what exactly had come out. Vet said she was shedding the lining of her intestines/bowels due to the worms. During the night the pup died. | Brookside claims the pup was vaccinated 4 times in 7 weeks with a dewormer and yet my pup had 4-7 inch worms coming out of her. I educated myself during this time and it takes about 4 weeks for an adult roundworm to grow to that size. When i took the paperwork down to the store after the visit to the vet, the owner said he doesn’t understand what was all going on with my puppy. That he’d call the vet and ask for more details. I even called the vets to say the dude would be calling. The very next day the pup died, I called the vet and told them the bad news. I tried to contact the store to give him an update and he blocked my number. I tried several times throughtout the day to contact Brookside and he ignored it every time. Phone would ring 1 time and busy signal. I called on another phone and was blocked on that number as well. Used my 3rd phone number and blocked again. And if that’s not bad enough, I took a trip back to the vets to get another copy of the exam and told my story to the nurses there and they tried to help with contacting this POS shop keeper. 2 nurses using 3 different numbers calling Brookside to contact this dude all having the same getting blocked. | You call this good business practices? Do u feel if u d**k over 1 consumer that it will have no effect on your business? | We then started calling the other Brookside stores asking for the owner or how to get in touch with him. 1 Store gave us a name. Then another Brookside store said they’d call and get the owner to call us back. When he finally called back he was rude. Said unless i get the pup autopsied to prove it was a congential defect that he’s not going to refund anything or pay any vet bills. AND he wasn’t even going to pay for the autopsy. Do you really feel this is good for buisness? | I guess he should really feel good about the talk i had to have with my son about how his new puppy is dead now cuz this clown sells sick puppies and pushes the blame on the consumer instead of taking responsiblity for his own wrong doings. | IF you’re looking for sick puppies this is the store for you. AND it’s not just limited to sick puppies. I purchased a puppy from them 11 1/2 yrs ago granted it wasn’t infested with parasites but it was diagnosed with dysplasia which is hereditary and passed down from the parents. Never once was that information given to me and i had to find out from the vet. 2 strikes you’re out Brookside. Gave you the benefit of the doubt and this is how u treat a repeat customer.

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