Brothers Logistics, Inc.

Brothers Logistics, Inc.

Stay away from these extreamly difficult people to work with & save yourself a driver, time & most importantly money!!! We had an owner operator hauling for Brothers Logistics, INC. The truck had mechanical problems (which we have all the receipts for), and was unable to make a timely delivery. Brothers Logistics was in touch with the drivers on the load during the whole duration. | Broker was informed that the truck was in the shop having diagnostics done, drivers were then informed that the truck should be ready the following day. An option for us to cross-dock the load was brought up by Mr. Rosenfeld but was quickly aborted as the truck was in the shop 50 miles away from the trailer, which was at a Marathon Truck Stop. | Terra was the manager at Marathon Truck Stop to whom my drivers informed that they locked the trailer and needed to go have the truck diagnosed for mechanical problems. As per my drivers safety concerns there was no option to haul the trailer along as the truck was running very poorly. Our drivers took it upon themselves to let the broker know that they will be renting a truck to deliver the load, not knowing that our insurance policy would not cover the rented truck. | Upon Brothers Logistics finding out the drivers were unable to rent a truck Mr. Rosenfeld started behaving very poorly and was only concerned about his freight being delivered immediately, using very profane words/racial slurs. If you take a moment of your time to go on DAT or Internet Truck Stop, you can see that we are not the only carrier reporting such false claims by this broker. Brothers Logistics INC. has over 20 1 Star reviews with most being based on their lies and misguided information. | Dispatch was informed on 1/6/17 that the truck had mechanical problems and was being diagnosed in the shop, upon which dispatch notified the broker and had the drivers explain what the situation was to the broker. At this point the broker was communicating more with the drivers to get an accurate description on what the issue with the truck was. Mr. Rosenfeld called D

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