Brownie's Independent Transmission

Brownie's Independent Transmission

Brownie’s Independent Transmission Brownie’s IT Bad Customer Service, Liars Dayton Ohio!!. The manager at this location is a habitual liar, doesn’t know customer service and incompetent. I took my car to have looked at due to check engine light codes indicating it might be a transmission problem. I live in Dublin, Oh but took it to Dayton, Oh since I used to live there and already had a appointment with my doctor whom still in Kettering, OH (told this to manager). I was advised that my transmission needed to be taken apart to find out the exact issue as he wasn’t able to determine based on the codes. I was a little concerned at first but decided to proceed. First, the manager quoted me times when he would have answer as to issue but when called to check status, he kept saying no status yet. Then finally I received call about what was supposedly wrong with it (said transmission all bad and needed to be rebuilt) and estimate of costs. Again I was concerned about whether I should proceed or take elsewhere as my make/model car doesn’t experience those kinds of issues. However, I decided to trust and proceeded. I advise him that I would be interested in the installment plan due to the amount he estimated the costs would be including the rental he suggested I get through him due to business discount. I questioned thoroughly the payment plan process and advised by secretary. Manager told me when to expect my car to be ready however, he was not ready and he kept pushing back the time. I had decided to just have my transmission put back together, pay the $385 diagnostic fee and take elsewhere but when I called he kept lying that they where rebuilding it and almost. However if this was true, it shouldn’t taken those additional 2-3 days in which, that final day of pick up, I was more than half a day late to work because again he lied about the time it would be ready. But more to the story, as I was picking up my car, verifying price, paperwork, I notice that I was being overcharged and pointed it out. The secretary acknowledged and fixed the error only after blaming it on a computer software (MSExcel), that has to be manually programmed by a human. Then I was asking about the paperwork and breakdown of costs to which the manager shrugged his shoulders (seriously). I provided all the required documents requested for the installment plan (proof if employment, pay-stubs, driver license and checks). The amounts and dates of the checks were provided, reviewed and confirmed with the secretary and manager before I left the premises with my car. Moreover, a few days later he was calling my alternate phone number which is my mother’s telling her that they forgot to put the bracket on the transmission, it fell in their parking lot when I drove off and needed me to return ASAP or my transmission will fall out. So, I called and the manager gave me the same story and I advised that I would have to wait until my next day off and he got ignorant with me to which I replied that it was not my fault that they messed up my car and that will call him back once I know when I would be back in Dayton. So, I called him back on a Wednesday, told him that I would be bringing the car on Thursday and he (manager) said ok. I called on Thursday to let know was running late but will be there in which, I did take it in. Manager asked me if keys were in car, I replied yes and remained outside with my nephew observing. Manager then drove car in the shop, raised up and began fixing or pretending to from what I was told by police. Yes, I said police but before we get to that, here’s what led to that point. Manager then asked me to come inside, I did and he asked if I brought my checks and I asked why. Manager then said they made a mistake when reviewing the dates on one of my checks (check dated 5/27/16) and only this check needed to be dated for the date I picked up the car. However, that was not what Manager said when I specifically asked what the dates should be. Manager said that the dates all have to be within 90 days of date of service but the first check had to be for 50% of the total costs to which I complied. I reminded manager of this and again he became ignorant and started to yell at me and said he was keeping my car until I then paid in full as if I was going to allow this. I did nothing wrong except bring my car to this so called business in which, they couldn’t seem to stop smoking in customer’s faces but had sign that read to the effect of “no smoking, it’s the law” posted inside. So, I yelled back at him, told him that he could not legally hold my car, I provided everything he asked for. Manager then hurried to garage and told secretary to call the police. I waited outside for police who got there really quick and explained what was going on. Manager began lying again but this time to police. He told police that he LIED to me about my bracket to get me down there to fix their mistake because he was never able to get in touch with me and that I supposedly gave him a Dayton, OH address. Showed police my phone records of when I spoke with manager and how many times manager called my alternate # which was my mom. Also, advised police of all the documents that were provided to mananger which shows my current address in Dublin, OH. Police also reviewed my driver’s license which showed this info. I told police I was leaving without my car and they could just arrest me as I was reporting this. Police said that wasn’t necessary, the Sargent then came on scene, called the business owner who refused to do anything and apparently sided with manager. Sargent then called the city’s Prosecutor, explained situation to which the Prosecutor ordered release of my car. Why, because the manager was a shady liar who had to authority to keepm my car due to their incompentence. But wait, manager had the audacity to tell the cops to let me know if any of the checks bounced, they would press charges. Bahahahaha! I work at JP MORGAN CHASE, my checks drawn on JP MORGAN CHASE, my checks do not and did not bounce. I don’t even write checks as I explained this to the secretary Lisa and told her that I would need to order some just to provide them as it was required for the installment plan. SMH! Even after they lost, they tried to make it seem like I was some bad shady person. Hilarious but you know what they say, Karma is a….I will never recommend anyone to this place.

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