Bruce W. Tarras - employed by ADT

Bruce W. Tarras - employed by ADT

Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack Stole my Green Van and Stole Money and Credit Cards from a Wallet Chilliwack!!. Bruce W. Tarras not only did he steal my green van which I reported to the Ridge Meadows RCMP (afterward they told me he had procured this in and fraudulently sold it to a Christmas tree farm in Pitt Meadows) At that time he lived in Maple Ridge, B. C. He also stole money and credit cards fro a wallet at the P.N.E. in Vancouver, B. C. Canada. Later he colluded with his current girlfriend Cynthia Lynn McNabb (also his current roommate) to falsify information given to I.C..B.C. when she fell asleep driving after being at a bar in Mission (working as the Wrap Girl and having a contract for Walmart hanging signs,etc.). Despite the fact the that she was driving on the highway back to Bruce’s house in Chilliwack she started to use her cell phone on the highway, ran off the road and hit a meal sign but was still able to limp her car back to Bruce’s home on an Indian reserve in Chilliwack, B. C. Canada. Afterward she lied and falsified the information she gave to I.C.B.C.(along with Bruce W. Tarras) which is a fraud. Bruce assisted in this fraud. prior to this Cynthia had submitted false receipts from a previous live-in boyfriend to the Canada Revenue agency – another fraud. She had also been in a previous vehicle accident where she was described as the “defendant”. I saw her fall asleep totally drunk and unconscious in the back of white truck in Alberta and almost fall on her head after drinking, get into her car and drive after drinking two jugs of beer at Boston Pizza while having a rental vehicle supplied by Walmart Canada (working as the Wrap Girl). The information regarding the situation where she was describved as a defendant if freely available for anyone to look up in the court registry for absolutely no charge.

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