Bruce Wayne Baker

Bruce Wayne Baker

Bruce Wayne Baker Bruce Baker, Bruce W.Baker, Yelm School District Grounds Keeper, Bruce Wayne Baker. Breaking Contract for work on 54 Chevy Convertible, Removing Vehicle from my shop including Supplies, Materials & Partial Labor. Roy, Washington!!. In May I was contacted by a man named Bruce Baker who had a 1954 Chevy Convertible who was looking for body work, welding and paint. He also said that he had wanted chassis work and upholstery but had a budget of $10,000.00 he wanted to stick to. He had said that he had gone to Clover Park Tech. Coll. For body and paint but that it had been so many years that with the new products he wasnt confident in doing his car. I also said that he was welcome to come to the shop and learn these new techniques that he wasnt aware of and he was very interested in that and thanked me for the offer. I explained that he could bring it in as I soon would have room inside the shop and I could write up the bids needed for him after examining the vehicle but that I had other vehicles ahead of him that I was doing. He was aware of these vehicles that were in the shop which included a Raspberry 1929 Plymouth Hot Rod with Purple Flames, A Boat Tailed Riviera, A Corvair, A Mustang and 2 Z-Cars. Then there were several scheduled for small quick jobs that would be in and out. He said he had the car inside since 1988. 4/21/2018 Bruce Baker brought his car in and paid $2,000.00 down with his verbal agreement to begin the process of evaluating his car, writing the estimates for labor and materials and then to start work in line. He brought with the car 2 replacement fenders and some old replacement floor boards covered with surface rust needing media blasting before welding into the car and some replacement trunk edge gutters to replace the rotted out trunk gutters and some other parts for the rusted out areas of the car body inside and out. 5/4/2012, making it 2 weeks later, Bruce Baker came in with his next payment of $3,000.00. The evaluation was nearly ready except for materials needed for paint and priming as the customer had not decided on what color he wanted or type of paint as in Enamel, Urethane or Base Coat/Clear Coat finishes. All this in time as a tremendous amount of rust and body repair with pealing and corroded paint needed to be removed. Other customers vehicles were nearly done and Bruce was getting closer to getting his next in line. He still didnt have time to come in for learning what I had to teach him on his car but seeing that he is a Grounds Keeper for Yelm School Dist. He had his hands full of all that new spring grass at all the schools and I could see why he was busy. In the coming weeks I was finishing up other cars and started working on the disassembly of parts and stainless that has been rusted in place from the cars production up to today of 58 years. Access panels being removed to get to all that plant matter that slips past the deteriorated window rubber, Stuck latches and old screws, Parts needing to be removed before welding and everything placed in baggies labeled on what it is and what side of car and logging all replacement screws needed as well as hardware. Stainless removed and evaluated for repair and for polishing. The rusty replacement pans just then being placed inside the Glass Bead machine to remove rust. Also materials were bought for the job except for the undecided paint which was a long ways away from needing. I was going to enjoy this car and in showing my other customers who have 50s Chevy cars another. I had called Bruce Baker about his car and wanted to know when he was going to come in and when was he wanting to get together and see how all this was going to be done referring to his Clover Park Education. He had said that he had injured his back at work and would be needing a operation coming up and that being off work his finances would be a bit tight. I told him not to worry and to take care of himself and that he could still come in and watch. He sounded worried and that was to be expected. I received a call from Bruce on him wanting to come see his car. I was great full for his call and asked if he was going to be able to stay for a while as we worked on his car. He said No but would be in. I had to reschedule him one day as I was not feeling well and had to go numerous times to the restroom. 6/14/2018 Bruce Baker and his Girlfriend Sheila came in to see his car. I let them in as my Service Writer D.J. Bone was in Tumwater and I was alone in the shop working. I also live here at the shop in the 3 Bedroom and Den apartment above the offices. This is my home as well as business. Bruce informed me that he was taking his car home and as he was saying this his big rude vulgar friend came in and started to order me to get my a*s moving and move the cars out of his way so he could push out Bruces car to the awaiting tow dolly. They were grabbing parts, materials and fenders as well as parts bagged and labeled and stainless. They were moving fast getting the things loaded and had my gate wide open loading as I was moving cars away from the front of shop and the Coronet Wagon that was inside. All this was a shock as Bruce seemed to be another car fancier so excited in his project that in so short of time he removed his car saying I didnt work on it! There was so much to do that takes time and care full documentation and bagging with labels that he has no idea what it takes. Also he had this car for over 28 years without using his training from Clover Park to do nothing but remove his engine and upholstery as that was the only things that were not in the car. Once the car was loaded on the tow dolly and Bruce pulled his rusty red and silver Ford truck with the parts loaded out of the gate I pulled the gates closed behind him and Bruce wanted all of his money back right then. It was 5:54 and I had just paid my rent. They kept demanding the money and I told them that when my Service writer came back he would do a balance sheet and see what was credited as he was in charge of the bids and such. I called D.J. and he would not be getting back in time and had taken his pre-Chemo medications for his Chemo Therapy that next Friday. He said that he would come in on Sat. the 16th. And have one ready for them on Monday June 18th. After D.J. hung up Bruce and his girlfriend were preventing me from locking my gate by prying my fingers off the latch and kept demanding a check or cash back immediately. I close at 6:00 and this kept going on and on and they barricaded me inside my shop with the red ford truck and his Big Rude Vulgar friends Black Chevy PU. I called the sheriff, this is the Incident # 121660969 and they dispatched Dept. Turner. They were shouting obscenities at me as I had called again to dispatch and let them hear what Bruce and his people were saying. They were threatening to ruin my business and were calling me an ugly stupid b***h; F*king Dumb a*s and A*hole Bi*h. And all this time Dept. Turner was en route and the dispatcher was listening. When Dept Turner arrived he told them this was a civil matter and to leave. He left but Bruce and the rest still didnt so I called again and was told to tell them that the sheriff would be dispatched again unless they left now. They finally left and I was shaken. 6/16/2018 My friend Rich Lalicker with the little Hot Rod and car lot in Roy had a call from another friend who was at the Save The Salt Car Show Benefit in Tumwater. He said that Bruce Baker was Picketing at the Show accusing Tonna of Theft and not to do business with her and Winning Attractions. Rich told me and wrote his statement on the incident at the show. 6/18/2018 Monday D.J. had the balance sheet ready for Bruce Baker and waited all day as so did I. I was out working in the shop while D.J. was at the front counter on another bid. He had said that a old ford truck came driving by that looked like a scrapper because it was covered with rusted thru spots all over its body. Oh Crap! That was not a scrapper, that was Bruces Truck! Well D.J. said that it was around 7:45 and the shop had been closed since 6:00. I called Bruce and told him his Balance sheet was ready and D.J. would have it for him on Tuesday. 6/19/2018 Tuesday while I was in the shop with two customers Jim Edwards and Richard Jeffries working on Jims wifes 65 Coronet Wagon installing the glass and new rubber with snap chrome trim I had D.J. watch out for Bruce and to give Bruce his balance sheet to review and to call with any questions. While I was working Bruce came and D.J. Gave him his balance sheet. They wanted to hash it out right then and D.J. was explaining what was there and to call. They took the paper and began using D.J.s Mercedes Trunk as a table putting their feet up on the bumpers and D.J. told them to get off his car and go to their truck. They refused and then is when we heard the commotion outside I grabbed my camera and Jim, Richard and I went to see Bruce Jumping up on the trunk of the Mercedes along with his girlfriend then sitting on the trunk lid with feet on the bumper. D.J. Kept yelling at them to get off the Mercedes and then D.J. grabbed the water hose with Jims help and started to spray water towards them. They still would not get off so D.J. told Jim and Richard that they were not worth it and for all to come inside. Both Jim Edwards and Richard Jeffries made statements on the events of that day. Once inside and all this prior time I was filming Bruce and all of the happenings, Bruce and his girlfriend went around to the back of the shop compound on my private property and Bruce jumped the back fence of the compound.We Heard my Dogs barking wildly at his girlfriend who was in my back yard. Both were Trespassing. Bruce was inside my back compound and was sticking his tongue out at me. That was disgusting. They were met at the back door to the shop by D.J. as I again was taking pictures. How could Bruce Baker clear my 6 chain link fence then over it again if he was injured at work and needed to have an operation? Bruces girlfriend asked to walk thru the shop and D. J. told her You found your way back here so you can just find your way out front. They still hedged and finally went out front. D.J. met them at there and soon they were starting another ruckus yelling and calling my 2 elderly customers Thugs. They started to wave at passing cars and yelling all over again trying to intimidate us. We called the sheriff again and again Dept. Turner came out. Incident # 121710077 Again Dept. Turner arrived, told them it was a civil matter and when we said they were trespassing he said they were not as they had an appointment earlier. Thats like a robber making a appointment and then breaking in later with the Deputy saying its OK! June 21st 2012 received a mediation appointment in small claims court from Bruce Baker from a gut in a orange newer mustang. Then shortly after Bruce Baker, his girlfriend Sheila the Big Vulgar Friend of his and a grey haired gentleman with a bicycle were sited by D.J. my service writer out front on my lawn Picketing. He grabbed the camera to film. My girlfriend Susan had come by to visit was also there in the office. I came out of the shop and got the camera to go outside and take pictures of the cars and plate numbers while they were picketing. They said they would leave only if I paid them the $5,000.00 even though they had labor done on the car and the materials. That is extortion! Using threats and intimidation to get what they want. Then I went up to the vulgar friend of Bruce Baker and tried to get pictures of his license plate but it had napkins covering it to hide its numbers. I only have the last 4 of the plate on his black metallic Chevy Truck with the behind the cab tool box. Those numbers are _ _ _ 614P. As I was taking his picture he took the big sign he was holding and shoved me to the ground. I hit hip first then rib cage then my head hit the ground last. I was shook up and they were saying: Poor old lady cant keep standing, and Get outta here you old witch. I got up shaken and crying as it hurt hitting the ground that hard. I came inside, sat in a chair crying and told D.J. what happened. I still had my camera. But didnt realize till later that it shows the man in his own sunglasses as I was taking his pictures and not one shows me ever touching his sign as they later stated. D.J. called the Sheriff and then dispatch called the ambulance. Dept Turner finally arrived and he and Cole talked to us about what happened. Incident # 121731029. They said that my landlord, Joannie Jensen had given them permission to Picket out there and had said Go For It Dept Turner said that if she gave them permission then there was nothing he could do. Later my Son called and talked to her and she said adamantly that she never talked to anyone and if she saw them again she would call the Sheriff herself. Finally D.J. asked why the ambulance hasnt arrived yet and was told that Turner had to let them and give them the go ahead before they could arrive. When they arrived I was checked for my blood pressure, set on a board with my head in a brace along with my neck and they rushed me to St. Claire Emergency in Tacoma. They gave me X-Rays, Cat Scans, kept me on heart watch as my blood pressure was off the charts. It later stabilized at 160 over 109 which is still at the top of the chart. Susan called my Son Tommy who made it to the hosp. in 2 hours from up by the lakes in Bellingham. That morning they let me go home and my son stayed another day as both Susan and Tommy were told to keep an eye on me in case of chest pain or anything unusual. The concern was that with my blood pressure so high I was in danger of a heart attack or stroke. Susan stayed with me for nearly a week as I was still shaken and afraid to be alone. Night Mares kept me up and sleep was not sound. Richard gave me his attorneys number and told him what had happened. Nicholas Franz told me to get on the harassment order and keep records on everything as I have been. Also get statements. 7/6/2018 I filed the harassment order and saw the judge that day who set the court date for 7/20/12 at 1:15 room 603. 7/6/2018 Bruce Baker was at my shop that same day again Picketing on my front lawn. Again I am not home and am afraid to go home so I called my friend RT Hunt to go see if everything was OK. I didnt go home until they had left. At the small claims mediation, Bruce wanted me to step outside and talk about coming to a agreement and sat one seat from me in front. He was seated in the very back of the room. I told him no as I wasnt comfortable going outside the room and as for the mediation, these people know how to conduct the mediation to benefit both parties. Once we went to mediation he said he wanted all of the $5,000.00 and I said that I would credit him the balance from the labor and the materials in his possession that he took the day he took his car. We are set for small claims the end of December. Since then they have gone to the Attorney Generals office wanting them to shut me down and then to the Nisqually Newspaper again with friends to have me shut down with accusations and even getting another old customer that I kicked out of my shop as he was wanting to continue his plan in changing the vin code plates from a titled 1964 Mustang on to the 1966 Mustang he had no title for. This would have made me an accessory and that is what Chop Shops do, Not Me! So of all people he would get to slam me in the newspaper, its a guy with no regard for the law. 7/19/2018 Today That Man Bob Hood was out picketing my shop as my Landlord , who was mowing the front yard, had to tell them they better get off the property before she called the sheriff on them. In closing, My Attorney has said Bruce Baker has shown a history of A Continual Course of Conduct on Multiple Occasions Using Multiple other Individuals as well as himself to do his bidding and also resulting in the Assault by one of his friends on myself ending in the hosp. His use of intimidation, threats, extortion and fear tactics making me feel insecure in my own home and business starting with Barricading me inside my home using 2 trucks, Jumping easily over my 6 chain link fence. Also when I contacted the Mountain Unit Sheriffs dept to have a Deputy take my statement when I discovered that Turner neglected to do so after I was taken to The Hospital with a Blood Pressure rating well over the charts that could have resulted in me having a heart attack or stroke. The deputy would not take my statement. He said he was told by the picketers that I fell backwards onto the ground and got up and tried to grab their signs and used my body to push around them. Baker states in the newspaper that he is continuing to arrange Picketing Parties outside My Shop.I pray that I am granted this order for protection from this mans constant Harassment as its taking a heavy toll on my health and sanity. Do not Do Business With This Man for you will regret it as I have. He will get awarded what is due to him but at what cost as his actions have cost him more than he has realized.

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