Bruce William Tarras of Chilliwack

Bruce William Tarras of Chilliwack Review | bruce W. Tarras said the Irish were slaves too and the people running the Vedder Crossing convenience store where he buys his smokes were terrorists (because he is just that dumb!!!). Also said he would not let an East Indian person into his house and appears to feel the people in that store have absolutely no right to listen to a non English radio station. I guess if he does not like it I think he should take his racist a** and shop elsewhere. He said he knew about them b/c he "listens to Al Jazeera all the time" (well… don’t we all…??? again how dumb). By why say like he did that he had to move from maple Ridge "because all the Chinese were moving in".???? Also said "the Irish were slaves too" … suggest everyone do a little research and see where Bruce Bruce gets his preferred version of history (didn’t happen that way of course) Suggestion for him: Stop sending out offensive anti-Muslim petitions racist petitions on facebook and spreading hate and in the meantime find somewhere else to shop!!!

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