Bruffy's Del Rey Tow

Bruffy's Del Rey Tow

Bruffy’s Del Rey Tow my 1991 toyota Camry stolen and recovered by LADOT Marina Del Rey, California!!. It was either 29th or 30th of Oct 2018 when I filed a stolen report on my vehicle. It was a 1991 Toyota Camry, I reported it with Los Angeles Harbor Division at Lomita Station. On Nov 02 2018 (fri) at O3:33 am LADOT recovered the veh at 4717 Alla Rd s Marina Del Rey Ca. And at 04:46 dispatch was notified and the camry received by the garage agent at 08:54 am at the same day FRIDAY. The reason for the storage was CA V.C. 22651 (c) the recovering agency was obligated to store the recovered stolen vehicle if they could not find the RO tel number. The whole day that (friday) nov 02 2012, they could have notified me or mailed me a notice, within that 72 hrs required by V.C.22651.07 TOWING FEES and ACCESS NOTICE but did not followed the procedure, instead, Lapd po box 30158 LA ca 90030 mailed me a notice of stored vehicled (22851 VC). The original reporting agency which is LAPD (Harbor Division) never contacted me on the recovery, i gave them my tel number and they could have it release on the field the time it was recovered by LADOT. This is the kicker too, I received a parking violation at the same place my car was recovered at 4717 Alla Rd s at 04:17am nov 02 2018 while the LADOT was still gathering all the information about the car, parking violation bureau working at wee hour in the morning, wrote a NO PARKING ticket MC 80.69B at a residential place across the park. Working 24hrs writing parking ticket? Common this is a double kill for somebody like me with income only from my autistic child. I am single DAD of two children age 14 and 12 yrs old. My son SSI is only @ 740.00 something a month. I could barely make it. I contacted them twice first one was personal visit, second one talking to a lady who told me she could not care less about my financial hardship, and told me, no what I Have to pay, So they put my car on lien sale and me filing an opposition which DMV lien sale dept. at Sacramento Ca found it valid for opposing it. Its a beat up car, i Just drove it for a month after 2 yrs in storage at AL’s Towing for same reason, recoverd stolen vehicle, this was the second time it was stolen, why it happened twice on same i got no idea, one thing for sure, I could not give my eldest child ride to Narbornne High and dong groceries and errands for my boys. I am 60 yrs old man and its hard to live like this. I am willing to pay their towing charge of $114.00 and thats it. if not I will see you in court. I just hope BRUffy’s tow realized the predicament I was in. have compassion just for the sake of my autistic boy.

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